PENSON & CO. Wine Making Boiler 20L 2 in 1 Alcohol Stainless Ferment Distiller Home Brew Kit

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Material: Stainless steel; Color: Silver; Silicone tube length: 1.5 m; Package size (LxWxH): 18x13x13 inch; Gross weight: 15 Lb.
Measuring method: The alcohol is poured into a 250 mL cylinder (be careful not to fill it to full capacity) then put a thermometer and alcohol meter vertically (upside down) into the cylinder (without sticking it on the cylinder wall), give it a few seconds. Please refer to "alcohol meter temperature concentration conversion table" to determine the desired measures
Instructions for use: 1, Alcohol meter must be cleaned and dried before use, (can be cleaned with soap or alcohol). 2, After cleaning the alcohol meter, you should avoid touching the engraved line portion. Instead, you should hold it gently with your index finger and thumb at the dry tube top part.
3, The graduated cylinder must be kept clean and should not be touched in order to avoid affecting the readings. 4, If you find scale index paper misplaced or there are glass cracks, or there is mud anywhere on the surface of the meter, then you should immediately stop using the device.
Note: This set is mainly used for pure alcohol measurements, it is not recommended to be used for wine; The spirit temperature at 20 degrees provides the most accurate results; Please note that the distilled wine alcohol concentration can't be measured using this set!

Alcohol meter instructions:
Alcohol meter can be used to measure liquor Alcohol percentage/ content
Specifications: Includes four pieces (three alcohol meters, one thermometer);
Measure range: 0-100 degrees; minimum scale step: 1 degree;
Ranges of each of the meters, respectively: 0-40 degrees, 40-70 degrees, 70-100 degrees of alcohol content;
Thermometer range: 0-50 degrees (Celsius)
Length: 20cm, 14.7 cm;
Alcohol temperature concentration conversion table is included

Wine Making Boiler 20L 2 in 1 Alcohol Stainless Ferment Distiller Home Brew Kit

Unique new fermentation kit distiller-slash- boiler
The entire barrel is 100% food grade, stainless steel
Ideal for commercial grade spirits such as vodka, gin, whiskey, bourbon, moonshine, and more
Ultimate 20 L capacity barrel will meet all your needs
Can be used to distill water and make fuel alcohol
Buy one kit and get all the necessary components for fermenting or aging wines, transporting alcohol long distance, storing grains and cereals, and distilling
4 mini-packs of wine yeast come with the complete set
With the special mesh bag, steam rack, and iron hoop sealed cover, you will have a high quality output and easy and safe process of wine making
This kit was created based on experience of many professional wine-brewers, so it is designed for ease of use and producing high quality wine
Special high precision alcohol meter set in exquisite box is included too (instructions provided above)
We never settle for mediocre products and only offer you the best items!
Package Include:
1 Barrel
1 Distilling tower
2 Silicone tubes (1.5m)
1 Steam rack
1 Mesh bag
1 Alcohol-meter
1 One-way valve w/cover
4 Wine yeast
1 Sealing tape

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