Water Walking Zorb Ball 2M PVC Inflatable Tizip w/Blower Bubble

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A fun and safe way to walk on water! Two people can fit into the ball. Once inside, you can start inflating it using the provided pump.
Walking Ball Material: PVC (non -toxic, colorless, tasteless); Color: Transparent; Diameter: 2 meters
Electric Pump Specifics: Power: 600W; Frequency: 50HZ; Maximum capacity: 2 People; Maximum weight capacity: 330lbs/ 150KG
Voltage: 110V; Inflating Duration: 5-8 min; Weight: 3.30lbs. /1.5KG
Package Includes: 1 x Water Walking Ball; 1 x Electric Pump; 1 x User's Manual; 1 x Tizip; 1 x Glue
You use your hands to push and roll the ball from inside into the water. Provides hours of fun, for the whole family to enjoy. It is recommended not to spend more than 15 consecutive minutes inside the ball at one time. There is absolutely no toxic fumes, and you can enjoy the peace and quiet of being on water.The ball features an easy to zip up tizip.
Suitable for: Swimming Pool or Water Park. Can be used at a lake or sea side with caution and close supervision. AVOID ROCKS AND SHARP OBJECTS.USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.
Important safety notice:
Please thoroughly read the user’s manual prior to use.
Do not stay in the walking ball for more than 15 minutes at a time.
Remove all sharp objects before entering the ball. This includes, shoes/footwear, keys, knifes, jewelry etc.
If the ball is punctured, you can use the glue and net clamping cloth. The cloth should cover the punctured area, plus at least 3cm around it. Allow the glue to fully dry before using the walking ball again.
The walking ball can only accommodate two people at one time. Do not exceed the walking balls stated capacity.
Children must always be accompanied by an adult inside the ball.
Always use the walking ball in a safe designated area with lifeguards around who could help in case of emergency.
Keep the walking ball away from sharp objects and rocks.
You should always wear a life jacket when using the walking ball.
Regular maintenance is required. Always thoroughly check the condition of the ball prior to use. Do not use if you find a problem.
In case of mergency, lifeguards/ experienced personnel should use a rope to navigate the walking ball to safe areas.
Use the provided pump to inflate the ball. Do not over inflate, as this may cause the walking ball to burst.
Can be used at a lake or sea side. Avoid sharp rocks. The safest place to use it is at a swimming pool.Always use it under close supervision.
Use at your own risk.

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