Universal Mass Air Flow Meter Sensor Chevy GMC Cadillac Isuzu 25318411

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Manufacturer part number: 25318411; Interchange part number: 213-4160, 2134160, 213-364, 213364, 15904068; Other part number: AF10043, MF8411, 28411M, 748411, 868411, SU1287
Other manufacturer part numbers (for reference): DELPHI: AF10043; AC DELCO: 213-4160, 213-364; GM: 15904068, 25168491, 25318411; ISUZU: 8253184110; STANDARD SMP: MF8411; BORG WARNER BWD: 28411M; CARDONE: 748411, 868411; WELLS: SU1287, SU9516
Measures the volume and density of air entering the engine; Integral component of the computer controlled engine system; Designed to provide high quality measurements
This item has been manufactured under strict quality control to guarantee its quality; Reliable, flawless performance; Forget about rough idle, poor fuel economy and possible stalling
After we tested the returns from our customers, we found only 1% of them were defective. Some vehicles might have their dashboards' warning lights activated after installing this item. This is probably NOT due to defects of the item, but rather because of wrong warning codes sent by the vehicle's internal system. If the vehicle runs smoothly, please ignore the warning indicator and use the computer diagnostic system to set the indicator light to "off". Otherwise, if the item is really faulty then your vehicle will experience wobble after engine is on, and you may ask us for full-refund with no hassle.

???????? Brand new high quality MAF (Mass Air Flow Meter) for many different models of vehicles. Crucial component of any computer controlled engine system. The MAF sensor is an electronic sensor that sends signals to the engine computer. It provides reliable data/ information based on airflow, which is then used by the engine computer to adjust spark timing, fuel delivery and spark advance. This MAF has undergone strict quality tests to guarantee superb performance and reliability. All parts have been made of high quality high duty materials. High precision measurements of air volume and density are guaranteed. Armed with a fine grid filter, high sensitivity sensor and designed to provide for a fault free operations. Universally compatible with many different models of cars (please refer to the “Item specifics” for more details on compatible models and part numbers). With this MAF your engine system will be performing better, faster and with higher efficiency.

Package includes:
1 Mass Air Flow meter

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