AURELIO TECH SOLOMONE CAVALLI 70 PSI Washdown Deck Wash Pump Kit 12V 5.5 GPM Boat Marine bb Caravan

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Voltage: 12V DC; Flow capacity: 20 Liters per minute (5.5 Gallons per minute)
Water pressure: 70 PSI (4.8 bar); Nozzle open pressure: 55 PSI (3.8 bar)
Hose Outlets: Suits 12mm (0.47") diam. hose; Twin core wire; Current Draw: 17.2 Amp (max. 20 Amp)
Dimensions: Length 221mm (8.70") x Width 146mm (5.74") x Height 132mm (5.19"); Approvals: CE; Designed for intermittent use only. Duty cycle: 30 minutes
Package includes: 1 x Washdown Pump Kit: Hose; Adaptor; Filter; Wash Pressure Pump; Trigger Nozzle; NPT Connections; User Manual
A complete wash down set. Includes everything you need to wash away dirty and grim.
Can be used for marine, RV, and recreational deck wash applications
Complete wash down pump kit with spray nozzle and coiled hose
Powerful 5-chamber positive displacement diaphragm pump, for smooth and quiet flow
Self-priming 12V pump with automatic pressure switch control - automatically turns on and off as you turn nozzle on and off
20 Liters per minute (5.5 GPM) capacity flow, and high 70 PSI pressure
Professional grade pump - Ideal for cleaning boats, fish boxes, anchor wells, dinghies and caravans
Multi-step corrosion protection and seamless motor body for enhanced protection
Rubber mounting feet for corrosion protection and noise reduction
Santorprene diaphragm - Can run dry without damage
Thermal overload and ignition protection
Easy connecting system
Supplied with the following:
Heavy duty washdown pump
Trigger nozzle with quick connect
Quick connect adaptor
UV-protected 7.5M (25') coiled hose
2 x NPT connectors with 12mm straight barb
1 x Universal saltwater filter/strainer

How to use
1. Assess wind conditions and clear work area.
Before you decide to spray, you must determine whether wind conditions are suitable. You must also restrict access to the work area to ensure the safety of bystanders.
2. Operate the pump.
a. Review safety information
b. Wear personal protective equipment
c. Turn on power
d. Pressure switch operation
e. Discontinue use if clogged or inoperative.
3. Clean pump and disinfect after use.
When done using the sprayer, it is important to clean the pump. Do not store the pump when drenched with chemicals, as it is unsafe and could also result in damage to the equipment.
a. Drain pump system
b. Used chemical
c. Flush pump
d. Decontaminate & wash

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