Sluban Ground Forces Joint Attack Blocks Bricks Toy Set – Hind Helicopter and T-90 Main Battle Tank

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  • Material: ABS Plastic, Pieces: 996 PCs (Can build 1 Hind Helicopter & 1 T-90 Main Battle Tank & 1 Army Personnel Carriers & 1 Army Jeep & 1 Prowl Car & 10 Sluban Soldiers)
  • Product Size: 【Hind Helicopter】: 7.87" X 4.52" X 4.53",【T-90 Main Battle Tank】: 5.98" X 6.02" X 2.52",【Army Personnel Carriers】: 7.87" X 2.75" X 3.74",【Army Jeep】: 6.69" X 3.77" X 2.52", 【Prowl Car】: 2.52" X 2.52" X 5.71"
  • Crawler: The crawler use simulation rubber which can make the motion status of the car & tank more similar with the real one. Color: The whole car & tank painted into vivid Army Green.
  • 10 Sluban Dolls: The Sluban dolls using high simulation technology for presenting more vivid simulation environment. Through high simulation technology, the dolls' heads and wrists can be rotated 15 degrees, at the same time the waists can be rotated 360 degrees.
  • 【Hind Helicopter】: The top and rear propeller can both rotated 360 degrees. A soldier can sit in the cockpit. 【T-90 Main Battle Tank】: The viewing stand can be opened. The back of the tank can be opened. 【Army Personnel Carriers】: The Army Personnel Carriers' back bezel can be put down. The driver's cab can be opened. 【Army Jeep】: The rearview mirror can rotate. The Shooting platform can be opened. 【Prowl Car】: The rearview mirrors can rotate. The steering wheel can be rotated.

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