Portable Salinity Refractometer to measure Salt Water Hydrometer ATC

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Product (Net) size: Length: 7.68inch; Diameter/ circumference: 1.57inch; Weight: 4oz.
Material: Aluminium; Color: Black
Package (Gross) size: 7.87x 2.95x2.17(inch); Package Weight: 9.42 oz.
Salinity Range: 0-100 ppt (0-10%); Specific Gravity (SG): 1.000sg to 1.070sg; Minimum Division: 1 ppt / 0.001sg
Accuracy: +/- 1 ppt / 0.001sg; Reference Temperature: 20%C3%u201A%C2%B0C; ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) Compensation Range: 10%C3%u201A%C2%B0C%7E30%C3%u201A%C2%B0C+%2850%C3%u201A%C2%B0F%7E86%C3%u201A%C2%B0F%29%22
Accurately measure, monitor and control the concentration of salt water and brine present in liquids, with this portable, handheld salinity refractometer.
Vital if you need to check salt levels when preparing sea food and other ocean by-products. Can also be used in a variety of other situations such as, checking the salinity of your aquarium, pond, and tank. In labs, oceanography, beer brewing etc.
Its scale enables the direct determination of salinity in water that contains dissolved salt and little or no other dissolved solids. Ideal for field use - refractometer has ATC [Automatic Temperature Compensation] for precise measurement without having to re-calibrate after changes in ambient working temperature.

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