PENSON & CO. UNO R3 Starter Kit for Arduino with 32 Courses RIFD Module Breadboard IC Chain

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This Arduino Starter Kit is designed for new comers to Arduino. Through this Kit you can do a lot of basic and interesting projects with our modules. Starting with the basics of electronics, to more complex projects, the kit will help you control the physical world with sensor and actuators. With the knowledge you learn from this kit and your creation, you can become a geek and build some crazy and wonderful things.
Attention: Please send an email to customer service /Contact the seller, to receive all the files for this kit.

You will receive: UNO R3 board, designed for beginners. Several electric components, and several modules that are commonly-used during Arduino Learning.
RFID modules included, which is the essential part in most IC card door access control systems. All the schematics of the electronic modules. Learning lessons, with circuits, code and explanations. Technical support.
Weight: 15.16 oz. Material: PCB; Color: Blue
Package Include:
1xUNO R3 Arduino Compatible Board
1x830 Contact Points Breadboard
1xRFID module
1x IC Chain
1xNon-contact type IC card
1x5v Relay
1xDS1302 clock module
1xVoice detection module
1xTemperature and humidity module
1xLevel detection module
1x4*4 keypad module
1xXY Joystick
1xStepper Motor Drive Board
10xGreen LED
10xYellow LED
10xRed LED
5x1K�� Resistor
10x10K�� Resistor
10x330�� Resistor
4xKey module (with hat)
1xLM35 sensor module
1xInfra-red receiver
1xInfra-red remote control
1xAdjustable potentiometer
1xA digital control
1x4 digital cube
1x8*8 dot matrix module
1x74HC595N chips
30xMale to Female DuPont lines
1xUSB Cable, 30cm High Quality Blue
1xReal Time Clock Module
1xTri-color LED RGB Module
1xFlame sensor

1.Hello World!
2. LED flashing experiment
3. PWM control light levels experiments
4. Advertising lights effect experiment
5. Traffic light design experiments
6. Buzzer experiments
7. Tilt switch experiments
8. Keys to control LED experiment
9. Responder design experiments
10. Analog value read experiment
11. Experimental sound and light control
12. Arduino to do with 0-5V range voltmeter
13. Flames Alarm experiment
14. Tri-Color RGB LED Module
15. LM35 temperature sensor experiment
16. Thermostat cups
17. Nixie tube display experiment
18. Arduino drive four digital tube
19. 8x8 experimental lattice
20. 74HC595 experiment
21. Water Sensor Module
22. DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor
23. Relay Module
24. LCD1602 Module
25. Stepper motor test
26. Servo control experiments
27. Game joystick axis sensor module
28. Infrared remote control
29. Voice Detection Module
30. RFID reader experiment
31.Access Control System Experiment
32.4x4 Button To Display
33.Arduino Connection DS1302 Clock Module

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