Mega Sylveon Toy Plush Doll - Pink 6"

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Color: Pink
Size: 6"
Cute and collectible
Soft and cuddly!
The Legend- Sylveon , is a Fairy-type Pokemon introduced in Generation VI.
Sylveon is a quadruped, mammalian Pokemon covered primarily in pale pink (or cream) -colored fur with pinkish feet, ears, and tail.
There are two bows on its body, one on its left ear and one around its neck, from which two feelers adorn it.
It sends a soothing aura from these feelers to calm fights, and will also use them to "hold hands"with its Trainer.
It has short, slender legs and small paws with three visible toes on each foot.
Its eyes are blue with white pupils and no visible sclera.
When its mouth is open, two pointed teeth can be seen on its upper jaw.
Its furry pinkish tail is slightly curved in a crescent shape.
Sylveon uses its ribbons to distract cautious prey before it attacks.
Made with super soft fabrics.
Ready to join your kids in their everyday discoveries and games.
Bring this super creature home today and let your kids'imagination set sail!

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