Low Voltage Induction heating Board Brass Coil DIY 1000W ZVS Low Voltage

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Great addition to DIY sets. Assists in small parts quenching, tempering and other heat treatment. Can also be used with graphite crucible for melting gold, silver, copper, aluminum and other metals.
Zero Voltage Switching. Powerful, with low heat levels, good heat dissipation, simple and reliable
This item will induce high-voltage and produce high temperature, PLEASE TAKE SAFETY PRECAUTIONS.
Buyers need to secure power source and have sufficient water cooling resources. Basic knowledge of electricity is required in order to use this item.
24V input with no load current of 3A , 48V input with no load current of 6A
Induction heating has many practical applications and using this set is incredibly simple. Special technology and design have been used when manufacturing this low voltage induction heating board. While this makes for an exceptionally small induction heater, it's also very capable and well-made. Buyers need to have their own power supply and cooling unit.
Made of industrial grade materials
Durable, reliable and very functional
Higher power compared with competing items on the market
Designed to meet the requirements of the pickiest customers
Has undergone numerous quality checks and tests
Meets or exceeds international quality standards
Applications include melting, welding, quenching, tempering and brazing or metals
The volume of heated objects cannot be more than 1/10 of internal volume of the heating coil (that is, the heating cylinder diameter can't be more than 1/3 of the heating coil diameter), otherwise it may cause overload and burn circuit or the power supply source. Although this circuit can tolerate 30A input current, for the purpose of insurance please do not work with the current of more than 20A.
Package Inculudes
1 x ZVS low voltage induction heating board
1 x brass coil

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