Kangzhu 12-Cup Biomagnetic Chinese Cupping Therapy Set

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100% Product Satisfaction Guaranteed: Made of durable premium quality components. Easy and safe to use. Provides excellent comfort level. It is the best choice for professionals, athletes & everyone else.
Multiple Cup Selection: 12 different size plastic vacuum cups with removable bio magnetic points, suitable for every part of your body.
Rapid Efficacy: 5 mins cupping= 30mins intensive massage. Cupping therapy is great for muscle cramps and pain relief. It promotes blood circulation and stimulates collateral blood vessels' function.
Safe and Reliable: Approved by The FDA and Chinese Medicine Association. ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified.
Easy to Use: The complete English instructions and concise acupuncture point therapy guide help you to get started immediately even if this is your first time trying the cupping. Yes! You can be the healthy doctor of your healthy family.
Kangzhu series cupping tools are the novel and excellent instrument for physiotherapy and healthcare integrated with traditional Chinese medicine and modern technology.
Kangzhu cast away such disadvantages of ancient cupping therapy as inconvenience in operation and the dispelling of air by fire (this set used air exhaust by vacuum)- allowing the cupping device to suck on the surface acupoints of the body and cause local congestion, which can tackle your muscles and pressure points directly providing excellent muscle and myofascial pain relief.
It also promotes a healthy blood flow in the body- extremely effective for relieving chronic pain and muscle discomfort caused by training, exercising or joint inflammation.
Kangzhu series cupping devices are recognized by the Chinese Medicine Association, and possess the FDA, ISO9001 and ISO13485 certification.
12 x Premium Quality Plastic Vacuum Cups with bio magnetic points (ΦA(mm) 56’x2, 48’x2, 40’x2, 32’x2, 24’x2, 16’x2;
Suggestion: big cups could be used for larger areas of the skin, such as back, medium cups could be used for arms and legs, and small cups could be used for cervical spine, etc.
User can make a flexible choice according to needs.
1 x Vacuum Gun
1 x Connector (which helps user to easily access each site of body, such as the spinal and lumbar regions, himself- without anyone's assistance)
1 x English Instruction Manual and Concise Acupuncture Point Therapy Guide
1 x Certificate of Quality

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