Japanese Artisan World Top Activated Charcoal Tap Water Purifier Replacement Filter for Pitchers

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KAMIKI charcoal, aka binchotan, is a top grade activated charcoal for water purification and top global brand
KAMIKI is plastic- and chemicals- free perfect water purifier, 100% made of heating branches of sustain-ably harvested white oak trees in hand-made kilns
The surface area of only 1 gram KAMIKI binchotan is more than a tennis court, which provids plenty of room for its ceaseless exchange of molecules
Makes the water healthier for your body, releasing good minerals and balancing PH level from from weak acidity to weak alkaline
Competely eco-friendly, can be recycled into the soil and reused as deodorizer and an excellent fertilizer after being used for 4 months
The name"binchotan" came from the name of one famous charcoal artisan, Binchoya Chozaemon- the craftsman who allegedly started to produce it many centuries ago in Japan
To use Binchotan-you simply place a piece of the charcoal into a water pitcher, and leave it to sit for some time according to instructions
After this time, the water in the pitcher will be purified and mineralized
The charcoal stays hard without discoloring the water and its highly porous surface makes it an effective purifier, removing chemicals and toxins from water
Removing impurities from the water you drink and the water you use to bath will increase your well-being and promote healthy environment at your home
One stick will last for around four months if you boil it on a weekly basis
We offer you the best Binchotan with the highest carbon content available on the market
Environmentally-friendly and naturally recyclable
Functional- can even be placed in shoe-cabinets to absorb odors and put in rooms to freshen the air
Neutralizes and improves soil quality for plants
Based on old tradition and proven by modern laboratory tests!
A product that is used and enjoyed by those who truly appreciate the worth of high-end life style, health and beauty

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