Pet Fence Wireless In-Ground Electric Digital Waterproof 2 Collars

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Read the instruction manual carefully before use. The electronic collar is for dogs only. DO NOT test or set up system while the collar is on the dog.
Make sure to replace the batteries when they are low to avoid irregular operation.
Prior to system activation, allow your pet to wear the collar for several days to get used to it, and also to prevent negative association with the collar and the correction system.
The dog should NOT wear the collar for more than 12 hours at a time. Supervise your dog at all times while the correction collar is on. This is especially encouraged for the first few times.
Include:1 Black Indoor wall-mounted transmitter (NOT WATERPROOF. KEEP DRY AT ALL TIMES); 2 Black Rechargeable and waterproof collar receivers; 2 Orange waterproof adjustable receiver collar (64cm/ 25inch long approx.); 20 Orange Training flags (15 cm/ 6 inch long approx.); 1 boundary wire (300 meters); 2 Extra metal contact points pack; 2 Test bulbs; 1 Screws pack; 1 User's manual.; 1 AC adaptor; 1 Power plug; 2 USB charging Cable
A. Dog is not responding to correction:
Adjust the collar fit.
Trim the dog's hair or use longer probes to make better skin contact.
Change the battery in the collar receiver.
B. System Test Procedure:
Whenever you experience a malfunction, you will need to do a Test Loop to determine which component - collar, wall transmitter, or yard wire - is not working. To perform the Test Loop procedure:
1. Make a test loop using a piece of wire at least 4 meters in length.
2. Remove the existing wire from your wall transmitter.
3. Insert the two ends of the test loop wire into the wall transmitter.
4. Turn the field width knob to a low setting.
5. Place the test light on the collar receiver. With the collar in hand, move outside the field and approach the test loop. Make a mental note of the distance between the collar and the wire when the collar activates.
6. Turn the field width knob to a medium setting.
7. Back away from the wire and approach it again. Determine the distance between the collar and the wire when the collar activates. The distance should be greater on the medium range setting.
8. If more than one collar receiver is used with the system, repeat the above test on each collar.
Results of System Test Procedures:
If there is no green POWER light on the wall transmitter with the test loop wire in place, the wall transmitter is malfunctioning.
As this unit has a protection function, if something causes the system to halt (no green POWER light), please unplug the power of the transmitter. After ten minutes plug the power again, it will work as normal.
If the green POWER and OK lights are solid on the wall transmitter, but the collar does not activate on the test loop wire, the collar receiver is not working. Change the battery in the collar receiver and repeat the test.
If the red Break light on the transmitter turns on together with beeping sound, the problem is in the yard wire.

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