Manual Oil Press Machine HD Expeller Extractor Stainless Stee

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Material: Stainless Steel; Color: Sliver; Package size: 15 x 11.8 x 3.5 inch
Suitable ingredients: peanuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, olives etc. Power: Manual; Weight: 106 oz.
Please note: It is very normal for oil and extracts to flow out of the terminal adjustment bolt at the beginning. You can place a plate or container at the bottom to catch this residue.
If you find the handle is too stiff during operation, you can loosen the terminal adjustment bolt. If you find there is too much oil in the press cage, you need to tighten the adjustment bolt.
Tip: If the ingredient you wish to use is very small, such as sesame seeds, then you can add another oil to the ingredient so that it can go through the press more smoothly. Oil: Freshly pressed oil should be left to cool for 5-7 hours and then consumed within 2-3 days.
Main Parts:
This machine consists of four main parts; frame, press cage, handle and heating part. The oil bottle can be replaced (and recycled) with standard household bottles. Costs of extra bottles will be covered by the buyer.
1. Before each use, thoroughly clean and dry all parts.
2. Start by affixing the frame to the L shaped metal piece. There are three pre-drilled holes on the L shaped metal piece and the frame, they should be aligned and secured with the provided bolts to form one piece.
3. You should then fix the rack to a firm surface. Insert the bolts from the bottom, and fasten them until the frame is firmly secured to the table. You can use the provided round metal pieces to protect your table, and also act as a gap filler if your table edge is not thick enough.
4. The handle: First affix the crank at the bottom of the handle. Then insert the handle to the screw shaft at the end of the press cage and use the bolt to fasten it via the pre-drilled holes. Make sure the handle can rotate effortlessly and smoothly.
5. On the front part of the press cage, you should fasten the press cage cap followed by the terminal adjustment bolt.
6. Fuel bottle: The provided wick should be inserted into the metal cap with the pre drilled hole. Fill the bottle with kerosene or alcohol fuel (It should be 80% full). Leave 0.5cm of the wick outside and put the longer end in the fuel bottle. Place the fuel bottle under the press cage, towards the outside. Secure it with the rubber band so that the fuel bottle stays put and does not move during operation.
7. Plastic oil bottle: Place the empty plastic oil bottle under the opening of the press cage. The bottle will collect the usable oil. If you use your own bottle in the future, make sure it is heat proof.
8. Inlet Plate: Fill the plate with the raw ingredient and let it sit at the top of the press cage.

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