Fuel Pressure Regulator Oil 160psi Gauge AN 6 Fitting End Adjustable

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Hose end fitting material: T6061 Aluminum; Hose end fitting size: -6AN
Fuel hose material: 304 stainless steel + CPE synthetic rubber; Fuel hoses'lengths: 170mm; 380mm; 660mm
Gauge diameter: 1-3/4" | 45mm.; Gauge port: 1/8" NPT; Gauge pressure range: 0 to 160 psi
FPR ports: -6AN inlet ports and return port.; Power application support: 300-800 hp
Available color: Black, Red; Gross weight: 46 oz.

Fuel Pressure Regulator Oil 160psi Gauge AN 6 Fitting End, Universal Adjustable
This Fuel Pressure Regulator is adjustable so you can tune the fuel pressure to your needs. Suitable for high horsepower fuel injection applications (up to 800hp) where -6AN fuel lines are being used for inlet and output. Gauge of 0 to 160 psi allows the FPR to work for most fuel injector applications. The oil in the gauge stabilizes the needle to give you the most accurate readings. Does a very good job at keeping constant fuel pressure and thus allows engine to operate without any disruptions. By loosening the lock nut on the top of the FPR and turning the Allen head screw, it is possible to adjust the fuel pressure. To calibrate the setting the fuel pressure gauge is attached. The unit sits on a chromed mounting bracket that can be attached conveniently on the engine bay. With this FPR you will never have malfunctions common for low-quality fuel pressure regulators- engine is hard to start, excessive fuel consumption or black smoke. Forget all those malfunctions with our great high-quality FPR.

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