Security Box Lock +Cable Portable Fingerprint Electronic Car Gun Safe

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Perfect for storing firearms, jewelry, cash and other valuables at home or in your car.
Sensor Can Store as Many as 32 Different & Unique Fingerprints. The software has been rigorously tested.
Manual Keys (2 Included) Provide Reliable Backup to Override Fingerprint Sensor
Portable & Lightweight and Safe. Slim Enough to Fit in Standard Glove Compartment
Internal Dimensions of 7 3/4"x7 3/8"x1" Accommodate 1 Regular Personal Firearm

• What’s the point of having a gun if it’s not in a safe place?
• And what can be safer than this brand new biometric digital car gun box
• Keep your weapon and valuables safe and secure with this brand new great item
• Solid box made of highest quality durable steel- you can rely on this thing!
• Convenient spacious size- enough space to keep a few items together
• Tested and re-tested to assure you the best quality and reliability
• Requires no external computer or power to function- autonomous control system
• Energy is supplied by 4 (AA) batteries
• High precision authentication system/ sensor
• Flash memory retains fingerprint data even during complete battery or electrical failure
• Security cable is included in the set to keep the box even safer
• Equipped with an extra manual lock- in case of need you could open and close the box with the keys

Brand new unique biometric fingerprint gun safe box. Suitable to keep your weapon or any other valuables. Now you can be sure your money and jewelry are safe,- this box opens only in response to your unique fingerprint. It has been designed to grant an extremely high level of accuracy in the fingerprint authentication as well as a high degree of reliability and dependability.

Can't work?
1. Press and hold the Enroll Button for a second You will hear one beep and the LED will flash green while the fingerprint sensor glows RED indicating the enrollment procedure has started.
2. Place and continue to hold your finger on the sensor while it is glowing red, avoid press the black button at the bottom of the sensor.
3. While your finger is still on the sensor after about 2 seconds you will hear a single beep and after 2 seconds you will hear a single beep again, after 4 times, you will hear a double beep, this indicates that your enrollment was done.

Accepts only two fingerprints/can't register another one:
The first and second user would be the administrator automatically. If the third one want to enroll, he/she has to get administrator’s verification---the administrator puts finger on the sensor firstly, after hearing a beep, the administrator removes and the third user immediately put the finger on the sensor for seconds, after double beeps, the third one registers successfully. You can enroll up to 120 fingerprints.

Can't get the fingerprint to lock and unlock:
Press and hold the Delete Button,the LED will turn red;
Continue to hold the delete button and press the start button at the same time for 6 seconds. After LED light flashes green and beeps twice, it indicates that a successful deletion of all users is done.

Package Include:
1 Safe box (with keys)
1 Security cable
1 User manual

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