AURELIO TECH Oxygen Sensor Upstream O2 For BMW 323Ci 323i 325i 328Ci 328i 1781433050

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A robust, sturdy oxygen sensor to give you an accurate air/fuel ratio.
All new cars and most cars after 1980 have an oxygen sensor. The O2 sensor is a vital part of the emissions control system that sends data to the engine management computer. The sensor is responsible for helping the engine run as smoothly as possible while also reducing the amount of emissions. The oxygen sensor can be found in the exhaust pipe and will detect rich and lean mixtures. There is a perfect ratio between the rich and lean mixtures, and both extremes will cause engine damage. Insufficient air results in excess fuel after combustion and is commonly known as rich mixture. It is harmful to the environment. Too much air results in excess nitrogen-oxide pollutants, described as lean mixture, which will cause poor engine performance and in some cases damage the engine altogether. The oxygen sensor is thus vital, to give your vehicle an accurate reading of the air:fuel ratio.

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