Quick Lip Splitter 2"x101" Universal for Front Bumper Body Spoiler

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Length: 101.96 inch; Height: 2 inch
Material: Dura-X Foam Rubber
Placement on vehicle: Compatible on the front, sides and rear of your car
Color: Black
Manufacturer part number: Front, Sides, Rear
Package includes:
1 x Uuniversal Rubber Chin Protector Bummper Lip
1 x 3M Glue
Universal fit bumper body chin protector.
Made of rubber foam of the highest quality
Heavy-duty design and fine appearance
Quick to install and long to last
Applicable to all sides of your car
Flexible to conform different shapes and types of car body
Crop and cut based on your needs
Brand new and of supreme performance
Glue included in the package
1. Clean the lower part of your bumper. Isopropyl
alcohol seems to work best on most applications.
Make sure the bumper is completely dry after cleaning.
2. Peel off the red 3M tape covering to expose the tape.
3. Apply a thin coating of 3M glue to the surface.
4. Firmly press the tape attached to the lip
against the lower portion of the bumper.
5. Around curved parts of the bumper, cut a "V" in the lip to allow for a clean bend around the bumper.
The lip should now look as follows.
6. Continue applying the lip all the way around the bumper.
7. Cut off the excess lip at the end of the bumper.
The stylish lip gives your car a more aggressive exterior look.

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