AURELIO TECH 12v /24v Farm & Ranch Submersible Deep Well Dc Solar Water Pump Battery

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The pump power value is 130W, however 150W solar panels can be used for operation. If you do not want to use solar panels, then a storage battery or a regulator could be used.
Ultra-quiet, maximum head can reach up to 70 meters. Pump can run for a long time.
Motor is made of high quality durable copper, will not have a sudden change in load or shocks and any disruptions in operation, all copper wire/circuitry guarantee lifelong and reliable service
Double-layer filter ensures effective filtering and outstanding performance!
Dual protection system: armed with self-priming function, automatic pressure switch and overheat protection function. Medium temperature: 60 degrees; low noise; acid-, alkali-, corrosion-resistance.


Voltage: 24 V
Power: 150W
Flow Rate: 1.6 GPM (6 LPM)
Max. Amps: 4A @ 24v
Max. Submersion Depth: 100 ft
Fitting: 1/2 inch or 12.7 mm
Existing Power Cord: 9 FT
Dimensions L x W x H (in.): 4.09" x 4.09" x 12.95"
This pump offers a solution to your remote water needs
Designed to be used with solar panels and 24v battery systems
Can be easily attached to most existing solar panels or wind generator systems.
Can be used with or without components such as voltage controllers.
Waterproof cable connector.


This pump can also be run on a 12V battery system with the same level of suction lift, but flow rate will approximately be cut in half. (not recommended)
Accepts a variety of jacketed cables from your power source
Runs dry without damage
50 mesh stainless steel inlet screen
Corrosion-proof housing with stainless steel fasteners
Great for livestock watering
Deep well, remote home and cabin

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