12V/1.2A Battery Charger Portable Multimode for Motorbike Car Boat ATV

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Efficiency (at 100% load): >=85%
Model: 12V / 1.2A
Dimensions: 3.8*1.9*2.2 inch

Input Voltage Rating 110-240V
Connection: NO Need to Disconnect AFTER CHARGED
Manufacturer Part Number: BC-1212

Recommended Battery Capacity: 12V / 7-10Ah
Input Frequency: 50-60HZ
Maximum Output Power: 15W

Ripple: <=120mV
Current Limit: 1.2A

Leakage Current: <=0.25mA
Working Temperature: 50°F - 122°F
Working Humidity: 5% - 95%
Portable, robust and reliable 12-volt vehicle battery charger. Works with automobiles, motorcycles, ATV, personal watercraft, RVs, boats, and lawn tractors. Will keep the battery fully charged and ready for use.
The battery has an advanced three stage charging process. The user will know which stage the charger is at by the LED indicator, which will show red at stage one and two and green during stage three. The battery charger is lightweight and comes with clips to make it easier to attach.

The three stages of charging are as follows:
Stage 1-Red Light-Constant current stage-once the battery is connected to a sealed lead acid battery and plugged in, it will stay at its maximum capacity.
Stage 2-Red Light-Constant voltage mode-at 80-95% charged it will provide a constant voltage and continue to decrease until the final charging level.
Stage 3-Green Light-The battery is now fully charged and the charger can be detached. If you leave the battery attached, it will safely and automatically shift to a lower charging voltage of about 13.6V/cell or 14.8V/cell. The battery can remain connected for as long as you need, and once you reconnect the charger, the process will start again from stage one.

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