Skateboards Penny Style Retro Mini Board Complete 22" Plastic Board FS

  • $34.20

Material: Plastic, steel
Deck size: 22 inch x 6 inch
Wheels diameter: 60mm x 45mm; Weight: 4.5 Lb
Advanced 85A rebound bushing for the most precise turns
Unique design and materials will keep your board from getting speed wobbles yet still maintaining good maneuvering and turning capability

New Retro Skateboards Mini Board Penny Design Complete 22" Plastic Board FS
• Great new Penny style skateboard
• Latest innovation within skating gear world
• High impact injection molded plastic deck
• Advanced 85A rebound bushing for the most precise turns
• Abec-7 stainless steel bearings
• Tunnel 78A wheels for the ultimate comfortable gliding
• Ideal commuting option for students- mobile and fits into the backpack.

Absolutely the best short cruiser retro style Penny board available on the market. You are about to purchase complete, fully assembled skateboard that is going to make your looks hype and your moves suave. Not only unbeatable in technical characteristics and functionality, but also in popularity among teenagers, young adults, novices and old school skaters. Colorful and with a scent of millennial urban design. ATTENTION: TRIGGERS INTENSE ADDICTION! You start riding in the morning and go late, late, late… can you imagine what it’s about to do to your popularity index?? Gonna pump it high, high, high!!!

Package includes:
1 Skateboard


Skateboard Penny

Skateboard Penny

Skateboard Penny



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